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Luan Rama: Reaction to US Department of State report real and normal

ata_maliTIRANA – The Socialist Movement for Integration (SMI) vice leader, Luan Rama said that the reaction to the US Department of State report was real and normal highlighting a number of problems that reaffirmed the problematic situation in the cultivation and trafficking of narcotic substances in Albania, during an interview on Monday, ATA reports.

Referring to the political situation Rama said that it happened due to the lack of political dialogue as an essential and important institution to democratic functioning.

According to Rama government changes are an exclusive and Constitutional right of the Prime Minister adding that SMI never imposed or sought dismissal or replacement of ministers thus respecting the Constitutional right of the Prime Minister.

Regarding the role of SMI to negotiate a dialogue between the majority and the opposition Rama said that SMI always played a moderator role and as an initiator of dialogue and understanding thus the majority or the government should have the courage to dialogue with the opposition.

In addition Rama said that cooperation to opposition is necessary to guarantee a fair election process. The elections without opposition may be judicially formal but not in the institutional, political and real sense without meeting democratic standards.

Consequently the political dialogue leads to the solution of the political situation hence all parties should put forth their efforts to solve the problem not tackle it.

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