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Stoltenberg: We look forward to Montenegro’s formal membership in NATO

Press Conference NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg; Photo: NATO

BRUSSELS – The Secretary General of NATO Jens Stoltenberg held a press conference today ahead of the Meeting of NATO Heads of State and Government. He was clear – this is a step forward for Montenegro, CdM reports.

He pointed out that it would be a short but an important meeting.

“It will bring together allied leaders, all allied leaders from all the 28 allied countries, and send a strong message of unity and solidarity,” Stoltenberg said.

He emphasised that prime minister Dusko Markovic would attend tomorrow’s meeting.

“The parliaments of all 28 allies and Montenegro have now ratified the country’s accession to NATO. This is a step forward for Montenegro, for stability in the Western Balkans and for our vision of a Europe whole, free and at peace. We look forward to formally welcoming Montenegro as our 29th ally in early June,” said Stoltenberg.

Asked about the open-door policy, Stoltenberg told reporters that Montenegro’s membership shows that NATO’s door was open.

“The decisions we made on open door still stand, including what we decided in Warsaw on Georgia. And I think this meeting proves that NATO’s door is open. Because at this meeting we welcome prime minister Markovic of Montenegro, and all parliaments in all 28 allied nations, and Montenegro, have now ratified the accession treaty, so we show that the NATO door is open and we continue to work with Georgia to help implement reforms.”

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