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Schausberger: Serbia can join EU by 2025

Franz Schausberger; Photo: Wikimedia Commons

VIENNA – Serbia has a good chance of joining the EU by 2025, says Franz Schausberger, the European Commission’s special adviser for candidate countries, in particular the Western Balkans.

During a discussion he attended at the invitation of the Foreign Policy and United Nations Association of Austria in Vienna, Schausberger said it was very significant for Serbia to remain stable as it was a regional leader.

“If Serbia is not stable, the entire region is in danger,” he said.

Serbia is on the right track to EU accession and, along with Montenegro, it has a good chance of joining the EU by 2025, he said.

“The Western Balkans is a part of Europe and it will have to become a member one day. The European perspective is significant, and Austria must have a leading role in it,” said Schausberger.

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