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European People’s Party adopts resolution on political and constitutional crisis in Albania

European People's Party logo; Photo: Flickr / EPP

BRUSSELS – The European People’s Party (EPP) has adopted a resolution, which calls on the Albanian government to make every effort to overcome the deep constitutional and political crisis in the country, Euronews Albania reports.

During its plenary session, the EPP discussed the political crisis in Albania which, according to the EPP, was fueled by unilateral amendments to the Electoral Code, which broke the agreement reached between parties in Albania with the support of European and American partners.

The EPP’s resolution urges the Albanian government to make every effort in overcoming the deep constitutional and political crisis in the country. It is added that the Assembly expressed its support for the Democratic Party of Albania and “its efforts towards finding solutions to its legitimate concerns and European aspirations of the Albanian citizens”.

Euronews Albania also reports that the EPP considers free elections in Albania as crucial to advancing the integration process and praises the June 5 agreement, however it condemns its violation by the government with unilateral legal changes and calls for the punishment of officials of the ruling socialist majority involved in electoral crimes.

Among other things, the resolution strongly urges the fight against money laundering invested in construction projects. It is highlighted that the normal functioning of the Constitutional Court, Supreme Court and other justice institutions is necessary and urgent.

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