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Đukanović after the Summit: Montenegro in prestigious company

Milo Đukanović
cdm logoWARSAW – The right to for Montenegro to participate in NATO Summit has been characterized as historic by Washington analysts. Speaking to Voice of America, Prime Minister Milo Đukanović said that the participation is a great recognition, keeping in mind that it has been only ten years since Montenegro gained independence.

“It has been only ten years since we gained independence, and Montenegro is almost a member of NATO. It is a big satisfaction for one country to pass successfully the road of demanding reforms and NATO expectations in order to become a part of such a prestigious company. This is a great recognition and encouragement in EU negotiations as well”, Đukanović said for VOA.

Montenegrin Prime Minister also said that the process of ratification could speed up among the members, now that American President Barack Obama has started the process of ratification by sending a note to the Senate.

He said that he would prefer if Montenegrin ratification happened in the Parliament, because the October elections will serve as a referendum of sorts on the NATO issue.

Speaking of crisis in relations with Russia, Đukanović said that current treatment of Montenegro in Moscow is a reflection of a global game.

“NATO and Russia have a more tense relation now, which has not always been the case. We had balanced cooperation until a few year back, within NATO Russia Council. Russia now does not support NATO expansion, and Montenegro, being the only one in line to become a member, is seeing the most of the negative reaction. But, it is what it is”, Prime Minister said.

According to him, Montenegro is trying not to add fuel to the fire.

“We are leaving the options open, but following our goal without compromises. Our goal is to become members of NATO and EU, because we believe we will improve our stability, as well as regional stability, which would lead to development in economy and democracy”, Đukanović said to VOA.

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