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Council of the European Union encourages Montenegro to maintain high pace of reform activities

BRUSSELS – Montenegrin State Secretary for European Integration and Chief Negotiator Ambassador Aleksandar Andrija Pejović met today in Brussels with members of the Working Group on Enlargement in the Council of the European Union, regarding assessments from the EC Report on Montenegro and further plans in the negotiating process.

Ambassador Pejović stressed that the EC assessment of this years Report has shown that Montenegro is continuously moving forward in the process of European integration, and that the best indicator of that are 24 open chapters and readiness for the opening of the remaining nine.

He stressed that the EC report is a good indicator of the results, but also a significant milestone, for the continuation of progress in specific areas where further effort  is needed. He also stressed that the recommendations from the report will be the subject of special attention of the new government whose mandate will be devoted to finalizing reforms and rounding results in the rule of law, economic policy and public administration reform, as well as the successful completion of the 33 chapters.

Members of the Working Group on Enlargement praised the results noted in report, stressing that this is a confirmation of dedicated and responsible work of the Montenegrin state administration. They also welcomed the constructive approach of Montenegro, which is reflected in the acceptance and implementation of the recommendations of the European Commission and expressed their belief that the rapid formation of a new government will contribute to the continuation of reforms in Montenegro.

Deputy Head of Unit for Montenegro at the European Commission Thomas Hagleitner expressed his belief that the good dynamics of the negotiation process will be retained in the future and encouraged the Montenegrin state administration to maintain a high pace of reform activities.

In the context of further plans in the negotiating process, Ambassador Pejović specifically conveyed the expectation that at the December intergovernmental conference new chapters will be opened.

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