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Chairman of the Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina meets Hahn, Juncker and Preda in an official visit to the EU institutions

BRUSSELS – Chairman of the Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Mladen Ivanić, met on Wednesday in Brussels with the President of the European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker and Comissioner for Enlargement Negotiations  Johannes Hahn. They spoke of the European path of BiH and obligations on that path.

Chairman Ivanić once again repeated that there is firm commitment and approval of all political factors in BiH on this subject and emphasized that there is a new phase ahead for BiH, starting from 9th of December with the answers on the Questionnaire of the European Commission. The interlocutors agreed that answering the Questionnaire is just a technical part of the job and that the crucial question is the total political ambient in BiH.

President of the European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker and the Commissioner for Enlargement negotiations Johannes Hahn, agreed that BiH accomplished significant political progress and stressed that the length of the answering phase to the Questionnaire is not crucial and that BiH will have support in this phase. The interlocutors also agreed that this will be the first real test for the mechanism of coordination in BiH.

Dr. Ivanić indicated the need for tighter regional cooperation and informed both Hahn and Junckerabout the idea of organizing a trilateral meeting of BiH, Serbia and Croatia in relation to on-going political issues.

Chairman Ivanić also met with Special rapporteur of the European Parliament for BiH, Christian Dan Preda, where he was informed about the draft report on BiH.Dr. Ivanić found the report satisfying,especially the fact that it states all the problems in BiH but pointed out that there is a visible expectance for the problems to be resolved.

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