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Russia: EU and NATO want to impose Platform in order to destroy Macedonia

Moscow; Photo: Tanjug/AP Photo/Alexander Zemlianichenko

meta_maliMOSCOW – The Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs today expressed it`s concern regarding the situation in Macedonia and has remarked that the political crisis in Macedonia has additionally deepened due to the outside interference into the country’s internal affairs, Meta reports.

The announcement that was shared on Twitter by the Embassy of the Russian Federation in Skopje, stated that “with an active assistance from EU and NATO the Macedonians are being imposed an “Albanian platform” that was created in the cabinet of the Prime Minister in Tirana as part of the idea of a Great Albania which has territorial claims towards large areas in the neighboring Montenegro, Serbia, Macedonia, and Greece. “It is especially disturbing that in this fraud were included the authorities of the unilaterally declared independent Kosovo. We think that this line is extremely dangerous as it leads towards the destruction of the Macedonian statehood and destabilization of the Balkans as a whole” said the press release of the Russian MFA.

In the announcement, it is stated that they want to remind that the early parliamentary elections in Macedonia which were held last year on the 11th of December with the help of the EU and USA, were marked by a victory of the ruling party led by Nikola Gruevski.

“Now the West is allowing the Albanian minority to try to get into power the defeated opposition, by imposing an ultimatum with the written demands by the Albanians which leads towards an erosion of the Constitutional order in the country. The ongoing destructive efforts that are imposed from the outside against the will of the Macedonian voters, can only worsen the situation. The foreign interference in Macedonia’s internal affairs has to stop and to allow the Macedonian citizens to decide for their future, in accordance with basic democratic principles” said the press release issued by the Russian MFA.

The reaction of official Moscow comes a day after the president Gjorge Ivanov announced that he won’t give the mandate “to a person or a party that in its program has a goal to tore down the sovereignty and the unitarity of Macedonia.” This decision was severely criticized by the Commissioner for European Neighbourhood Policy & Enlargement Negotiations Johannes Hahn, the U.S. Ambassador in Skopje Jess Baily and OSCE’s General Secretary, Lamberto Zannier.

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