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Central Committee of VMRO-DPMNE: Party will defend national interests at any cost

Nikola Gruevski; Photo: VMRO-DPMNE

SKOPJE – VMRO-DPMNE must remain with the people and continue to defend national interests at any cost, was Tuesday’s conclusion by the Central Committee of the party, Meta reports.

The Central Committee of VMRO-DPMNE concluded that the executive committee and the party should continue to oppose the efforts to redefine Macedonia from a multi-ethnic society to a binational state.

“The winner of the Albanian parties decided to not enter a coalition with the winning Macedonian party, sending them to the opposition and they have walked over the “winner with winner” principle and now there is no real reason for guaranteed participation in the executive branch of the party for a majority win of Albanian votes. The country will have to pay a high cost for the blackmail from SDSM. The fear of the criminal leadership of SDSM is that they will have to first serve a prison sentence if they form a government, they are forcing the country to accept maximalist demands at the expense of the country. That is why Zoran Zaev accepted the platform from Tirana and has pledged to realize the detriment of the state”, said a statement from the party.

The Central Committee confirmed the position that the best way out of the current crisis is to hold new early elections, alongside local elections.

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