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Albanian Opposition Coalition decides to establish Civic Assemblies

Albanian Democratic Party; Photo: PD

ata_maliTIRANA – During a roundtable on Wednesday, the Albanian Opposition Coalition decided on establishment of civic assemblies for free and fair elections all across the country, ATA reports.
These assemblies will be made up of outstanding representatives of community and all groups of interest as part of a Popular Movement for free and fair elections.

The Opposition Coalition reiterated on Wednesday the stand taken by the popular union on February 18 that only a technocrat govt. that will fully implement decriminalization and commit itself to crackdown on narcotics, crime and illegal proceeds, can guarantee the conditions for free and fair elections.

The Opposition Coalition asserts its determination to put up with no election process manipulated by crime in power and the narcotics proceeds and to fight tooth and nail for free and fair elections as a vital interest of Albania and Albanians.

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