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Rama: There is no crisis, elections to be held

Edi Rama; Photo: Prime Minister's Office

ata_maliTIRANA – Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama said that there is no crisis and the country would not remain without any opposition, during a television interview on Monday, ATA reports.

The Premier said that it was the right of the people to decide who would be leading them the next 4 years adding that there was no crisis as the Democratic Party says and that the only way would be to dialogue in order to enhance elections’ legal framework and any guaranteeing mechanism to the opposition so that a Constitution-based country is established.

Rama declared that he considered opposition as the spirit of freedom thus how long there is freedom there will be an opposition present.

Referring to SMI’s position PM Rama said that the attempt is seen as providing solution to the crisis not a threat to the SP hence there was no ground to comment on this issue.

According to PM Rama every political actor will enter elections despite their expressed standpoints.

“We are at a historic reform process. The judicial reform is vital, we are at a crossroad to decide Albania’s future therefore elections will be held despite what is said,” said Rama.

Rama also commented on the proposal of SMI to deliver its minister’s mandates in order to resolve this political impasse adding that it does not help the situation since their joint liability as a coalition is to serve people until the last day.

The Premier referred to the calls on dialogue which did not find any response although there had been contacts between the parties appointing the time and place of Rama-Basha meeting but it was never confirmed.

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