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Kukan, Fleckenstein: Political crisis negatively affects Albanian economy, leaders should talk

ata_maliBRUSSELS – The heavy political situation in Albania will negatively affect the country’s economy, the FDI and the country’s ability to attract the EU funds, stated Members of the European Parliament Eduard Kukan and Knut Fleckenstein, ATA reports.

During a meeting with a group of journalists from Albania in Brussels, MEP Fleckenstein said that the political situation remains very difficult and this will have its impact on the economy.

Speaking about reform in the judiciary, both MEPs appreciated it as quite important for the country, but even for the investors because they need to believe in law enforcement and if they don’t have such assurances, then investments will be delayed.

“The longer the reforms last, the more hesitations will follow.”

Fleckenstein also pointed to Albania’s legal deadlines and emphasized that without elections the country risks to remain without a president, parliament and government. “Under such circumstances, things are not expected to go well,” he said while adding that this situation would negatively influence in the economy and trust of the investors.

MEP Kukan also expressed his concern on the current political situation and the way the events may develop. He added that the political situation is having an impact on economy.

“There is a direct connection between the political situation, the international situation and receiving of the funds from Europe. The more positive the situation, the more funds you can receive.” He added that up to now Albania has done well from the economic viewpoint.

Kukan and Fleckenstein voiced their stance against the opposition boycott of the Parliament and affirmed that the only positive thing is the political dialogue. “When the sides meet they can discuss on everything. Every dramatic language does not help the situation,” said Kukan. Fleckenstein shared the same view and said the leaders should talk with one another.

Both MEPs appealed to political leaders not to take the country hostage.

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