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Basha: Opposition to intensify protest, block major roads across country

Lulzim Basha speaking to people; Photo: Democratic Party (Albania)

ata_maliTIRANA – Albania’s opposition plans to intensify protests across the country and threatened to block major roads starting from next Monday, ATA reports.

The main opposition Democratic Party leader Lulzim Basha told his supporters on Thursday “the opposition had never been more united and determined to keep up its protest until victory.”

“The protest will spread across the country. Next Monday, all Albanians will gather to block road traffic all over Albania from 11 to 12 a.m.,” Basha said.

Basha reiterated the DP-led opposition demand for the government to step down and make the way for creation of a technical administration that would take the country to the June 18 parliamentary polls.

“No façade elections can be held. We are ready for dialogue that would help in finding a solution. First, a technical government will broad political support should be created. The new technical government should focus on implementation of the decriminalization law, the fight against drug trafficking, ensure electronic voting and counting in the elections,” he added.

Basha reacted Friday to election of the new President of the Republic.

Speaking at the “Tent of Freedom” of the opposition movement for free and fair general elections, Basha said that the President of the Republic belongs neither to the Democratic Party, nor to the Socialist Party or the Socialist Movement for Integration. He is and should be president of all the people.

Therefore, Basha proposed that the president should be elected directly by the people. The most important goal of the democrats is transfer of the power to the citizens, said Basha. And election of the president directly from the people turns the power to the people and makes the president accountable not to the political parties, but to the people. Therefore, “Let us amend the Constitution so that the president is elected directly by the people”, Basha said.

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