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Zaev: It is unpleasant how neighboring countries speak about Macedonia

meta_maliBELGRADE – SDSM’s party leader Zoran Zaev in an interview for the regional television N1 has stated that it is very inconvenient the way Serbia is commenting the situation in Macedonia but has said that he will make an effort to have good relations with official Belgrade, Meta reports.

“Serbian Prime Minister Aleksandar Vučić spoke about the Macedonian scenario. It is very inconvenient how our neighbors are talking about Macedonia,” said Zaev.

SDSM’s party leader said everyone feels fed up with the crisis and that the local elections should be held on the 15th of October, or as lately as November. He said that the crisis in Macedonia is not ethnic but political and that the country’s future lies in the multiculturalism.

When asked about statements about “Great Albania,” Zaev said that not so many people talk about an idea such as that and that the future of Western Balkans is in “open borders and mobility of citizens”.

When asked about his opinion about the flag of Albania is placed on the table of the new president of the Parliament, Talat Xhaferi. Zaev said that it is not in line with the Constitution of Macedonia and that he thinks that the flag shouldn’t stand at the president’s table but a “photography of the children and his wife.”

“I believe that Xhaferi respects the Constitution and the Rulebook,” said Zaev.

Talking about the future government that he is going to be leading, Zaev said that he will strive for unity in the country, the territorial integrity, and sovereignty, and to have a government that will work for the benefit of the citizens.

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