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Kosovo’s access to EU programmes gets endorsed

The Europa building; Photo: European Union

PRISTINA – The Framework Agreement between the European Union and Republic of Kosovo for participation in EU programmes has been addopted by the Foreign Affairs Council of the European Union in Brussels.

The framework agreement that is signed between the EU and Kosovo in December last year will soon enter into force and will enable Kosovo to be part of the 17 EU programmes that provides financial support for a wide range of beneficiaries, such as: students, scientists, NGOs, businesses, cities, regions, media, artists and many others.

Kosovo’s aspiration for access to these programs dates long back and the process until today’s adoption has been long, it started officially in 2009 when the European Commission has recommended it for the first time.

Undoubtedly, this will create new opportunities for cooperation between Kosovo and EU, by including various members of our society in the process of cooperation with their counterparts from EU and the region. In the first year after its entry into force, in 2018, the Government of Kosovo has foreseen to participate in four of these programs such as: Erasmus +, COSME, Europe for Citizens and Creative Europe.

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