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Zaev: Agreement with Bulgaria will be signed on 1 August in Skopje

Zoran Zaev; Photo: European Commission

SKOPJE – The Agreement for friendship, good neighborly relations, and cooperation between Republic of Macedonia and Republic of Bulgaria will be signed on the 1st of August at the Government of Republic of Macedonia, because on the 2nd of August there shall be many celebrations, said Prime Minister Zoran Zaev, when he was answering a question posted by a journalist during the press conference during which the Government was presenting the Agreement.

When asked about the languages the Agreement will be signed in, the Prime Minister said there shall be two identical versions, one in Macedonian and the other in Bulgarian, that shall be signed by both Prime Ministers.

“I want to build a partnership as the first person in the Government, I want to build good neighborly relations, a good cooperation and to be very careful and I will say that the agreement will be singed in Macedonian according to the Constitution of Macedonia and it will be signed in Bulgarian according to the Constitution of Bulgaria and there shall be two versions of it. The version in Macedonian shall have my signature and the signature of Borisov and the Bulgarian version shall have my signature and Borisov’s” – said Zaev.

He stated that he expects the opposition to support the Agreement, thinking of its ratification at the Parliament.

According to Zaev, “The agreement of good neighborly relations with Bulgaria is in accordance with national interest, and this big step is in the interest of the peoples of Macedonia and Bulgaria, and also it is a reflection on the new spirit of policy from a generation of politicians who build bridges, not crash them, bring citizens together, not divide them”.

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