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Thaçi: Kosovo is being discriminated by the EU

Hashim Thaçi; Photo: Office of The President of Kosovo

BERLIN – The President of Kosovo, continues to criticise the EU, as he claims that Kosovo is being discriminated by the EU, adding that this attitude has to change. Thaçi also reiterated that the United States will be involved in the final phase of the Belgrade-Pristina dialogue.

“I repeat once again that the position of the European Union towards the citizens of Kosovo and the Kosovo institutions is absurd and embarrassing. We did not ask for anything more than to be treated as other countries of the region,” says Thaçi.

The President of Kosovo, insists with his request to give Kosovo citizens Albanian passports.

A few days ago, the Albanian President, Ilir Meta, said this is not a solution to the free movement issue, but Thaçi declared for Deutsche Welle that this is a solution in a national scale.

“After the isolation that EU has done to the citizens of Kosovo, after closing every hope for them to move freely in the Schengen area, we need to try and resolve this problem in a national scale, as much as we can”, Thaçi said.

He underlined that this is not pressure against the Albanian state, but a legal request that Albania must realize as a constitutional obligation, and Kosovo Albanians must earn it as their right.

“My request is legal and constitutional, respecting the Constitution of Kosovo and by also requesting Albania to realize their constitutional and legal obligations. This is not pressure to Albania, but a necessity, a noble and humane request”, Thaçi declared.

The visa liberalization process for Kosovo citizens has been blocked due to disagreements with the border demarcation with Montenegro, which has recognized Kosovo’s independence.

The European Union officials in Brussels have reacted on Thursday to statements of Kosovo President, Hashim Thaçi .
In an answer to Gazeta Express the European Commission press office gives no significance to Thaçi ’s statements reminding him that Kosovars should do their homework in order to move forward the EU integration processes.

“As reconfirmed by the European Council in March and in the recent state of the union speech by President Juncker, the entire Western Balkan region has the EU’s unequivocal support for their enlargement perspective. As we said after the formation of the government in September, it is essential for Kosovo that necessary reforms on rule of law and economy are implemented immediately. Kosovo needs to enhance its competitiveness and create employment and opportunities for its people. It is essential that Kosovo delivers on visa liberalisation by moving effectively forward on the border demarcation agreement with Montenegro,” the EC statement reads.

Further the EC officials say that the new government should play an active role in the region and work together with Belgrade to ensure that a qualitative leap forward is made in the EU facilitated Dialogue between Belgrade and Pristina on comprehensive normalisation of relations, explains Gazeta Express.

“All this is crucial for Kosovo to continue to make headway on its European path. Kosovo has no time to lose,” the EC says, reports Gazeta Express.

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