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ALDE welcomes historic agreement on longstanding bilateral dispute

Guy Verhofstadt at the GMF's Brussels Forum; Photo: Flickr/German Marshall Fund

BRUSSELS – The Liberal and Democrat Group in the European Parliament welcomes the agreement reached today by Prime Ministers Alexis Tsipras and Zoran Zaev on the use of name ‘Republic of North Macedonia’, putting an end to a longstanding dispute between Athens and Skopje.

ALDE Group leader, Guy Verhofstadt, said this historic decision will play a decisive role to consolidate the stability of the Western Balkans.

“This agreement will provide key impulse to strengthening stability and prosperity in the South East of Europe. Now the EU must help Athens and Skopje to gain the support of their citizens for this historic achievement.”

Slovenian ALDE MEP, Ivo Vajgl, European Parliament’ standing rapporteur on the former Yugoslav republic, said this agreement opens the door for the country to obtain full EU and NATO Membership.

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