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Osmani: I expect a date for negotiations in June

Bujar Osmani; Photo: Government of Macedonia

SKOPJE – In June, we are waiting for a date to start negotiations with the EU, of course, only if we finish the job properly, said Deputy Prime Minister for European Affairs, Bujar Osmani at a session dedicated to MPs questions tonight.

Responding to MP Artan Grubi, about what is being done concerning the European integration plan, Osmani said that the political responsibility is both the governments and the oppositions to get a date for negotiations and called for a consensus of the ruling majority and the opposition, in order to fulfill their obligations and bring required legal solutions.

“I also contacted President Ivanov and I appealed to the MPs. We did not create a consensus, everyone else did before us. Let’s stop party agendas, at least until June in order to achieve our goals, because we do not know when this political opportunity will come again”, said Osmani.

He said the political crisis damaged the country and it slowed down the path to Euro-Atlantic integration, and the main role of the majority is to restore Macedonia to the Euro-Atlantic path.

“In January, the report will start being prepared, and we must implement the reforms by December 31st. The main pillars are the reforms of the judiciary, secret services and the public administration. We must bring in laws by December 31st for the Council of Facts and the Council for Witness Protection”, said Osmani.

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