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Marković: Montenegro influenced neighbouring countries on their path towards EU

Duško Marković; Photo: Tanjug / Dragan Kujundžić

PODGORICA – Montenegrin Prime Minister, Duško Marković, says Montenegro has been irretrievably aspiring to the European integrations and Western system of values and that is why it will not allow anyone to exert influence.

In an interview for Christmas edition of Dnevne Novine, he tells no one can compare Montenegro with countries that have just started with their EU negotiations.

Asked about his expectations in 2018, in terms of Montenegro’s and Western Balkans’ European perspective, Marković told this year Montenegro is to enter into process of closing negotiating chapters, as the final phase of the Euro-integrations, which will confirm the vision of the Montenegrin ruling party of 2006, i.e. joining the EU as the best answer to challenges.

He said that the above-mentioned vision was clearly determined in the 2006 referendum and the Independence Declaration.

When it comes to Montenegro’s NATO membership, PM Marković said, being a NATO member state, Montenegro has been recognised as steady investment environment in foreign countries.

Also, he added, NATO membership gives Montenegro a more capable fighting force to resist security threats.

In his opinion, this directly reflects on the investment climate in Montenegro, and it is of crucial importance to understand that neither the NATO nor the EU membership can provide better standard of living immediately. These memberships should be gathered as a new chance for business and youth, especially in this initial phase of NATO membership.

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