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Mogherini: EU supports agreement, Kocijančič: FYROM until implementation

Federica Mogherini; Photo: European Union

ATHENS – High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Federica Mogherini in an interview with Kathimerini said that the agreement is a win-win result for both countries and that provides an inspiration to the rest of the region where several bilateral disputes are yet to be resolved.

As Mogherini emphasized, European Union is ready to continue their support towards the implementation of the agreement, but next steps are in the hands of the two countries, their institutions and their citizens.

“We are fully aware of the sensitivity, the complexity and the historical context of the issue, so it is natural and understandable that people and institutions need time to talk about the agreement”, said High Representative for Kathimerini.

For Mogherini it is important to explain the benefits of a mutually agreed solution, not just for the two countries directly concerned, but also for the region and whole Europe, both in terms of stability and security as well as prosperity.

“For Greece, it is a confirmation of the leading role in terms of stabilization and regional cooperation in the Balkans. The idea of Europe was born in Greece, and now from Greece can come a breath of fresh air for our European Union”, reported Kathimerini.

But, as Mogherini explained for Kathimerini, agreement is also important for every Greek citizen: if Skopje and EU get closer, tensions in neighborhood will be less likely, there will be new opportunities for Greek firms and it will be easier to work on common security.

Mogherini believes that this agreement will be a catalyst for FMRO’s European membership ambitions adding that the European Commission recommended in April to the EU member-states to start the accession negotiations with Skopje, which would be credible and consistent with the progress achieved.

“For both countries and the region, it shows that dialogue, good neighborly relations and regional cooperation can build a common and more prosperous European future for everyone”, said Mogherini.

In official communications European Commission and other European institution will continue to use a name FYROM.

“Until the agreement is implemented on both sides, we will continue to use the name FYROM”, sad earlier today Spokesperson for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, Maja Kocijančič.

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