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National Convention on the European Union: Taxes should be abolished and the dialogue reestablished

National Convention on the European Union

National Convention on the European Union (NCEU) and its Working Group for Chapter 35 condemn the action of the Government of Kosovo to introduce a 100% tax on imports of goods from Serbia. This decision equally affects all the inhabitants of Kosovo regardless of their ethnicity, and its implementation threatens to cause the economic crisis, as well as political and security instability. Therefore, we appeal to the Government of Kosovo to urgently withdraw these measures that are also not in accordance with CEFTA Free Trade Agreement and the Stabilization and Association Agreement.

NCEU is asking the authorities of Serbia and Kosovo for full and functional cooperation between the prosecutorial and police authorities in order to determine all the circumstances in case of murder of Oliver Ivanovic, and strongly opposes any politicization of this process.

NCEU urges EU representatives to engage more in resolving problems that arose from the introduction of taxes and non-implementation of the provisions of the Brussels Agreement. It is necessary to work to create the circumstances for continuation of the dialogue in Brussels as soon as possible. We ask from the Belgrade and Pristina negotiating teams to refrain from verbal provocations and return back to the dialogue that would lead to the normalization of relations and the achievement of a legally binding agreement that will bring lasting peace in the region, guarantee the safety of citizens and enable a smooth path of Serbia and Kosovo towards membership in the European Union.

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