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Kocijančič: EU is working on a next high-level meeting between Belgrade and Pristina

Maja Kocijančič

BRUSSELS – Maja Kocijančič, Spokesperson of European External Action Service for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, stated today that the dialogue between Belgrade and Pristina is lead by Federica Mogherini, and that United States is a partner with which the Union closely cooperates on the number of issues.

In a statement for Gazeta Express, Kocijančič said that EU is working on a next meeting in the context of the dialogue between Belgrade and Pristina on the highest level, but added that the situation is “frozen” after the imposition of tariffs on the goods from Serbia.

Kocijančič once again reminded that Mogherini urged Pristina to revoke the tariffs and added that EU expects that Belgrade and Pristine “return to the dialogue quickly given its importance”.

“European Union expects from Serbia and Kosovo to commit themselves and to speed up the dialogue, having in mind the direct link between the full normalisation of relations and concrete perspectives for their aspirations in EU and concrete benefits for the citizens”, she stated.

She said that the reaching of comprehensive legally binding agreement for the full normalisation of relations between Pristina and Belgrade requires a climate that contributes to the “good neighbourly relations, where the past agreements are respected and where the actions and the statements are in accordance with the interests and strategic goals for the region”.

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