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Dačić: US attitude towards Serbia changed, some EU countries play a double game

Ivica Dačić

BELGRADE – The Minister of Foreign Affairs Ivica Dačić argued that the some EU countries are playing a double game, stating they are against the agreement on Kosovo in which they are not taking part as a leading factor.

Dačić welcomed the stronger commitment of US in a process of resolving Kosovo problem.

Commenting on the following visit of US Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs David Hale to Belgrade and wheter US would take primacy in the negotiation process, Dačić pointed out that US commitment cannot replace negotiations but it can definitately help unblocking it, if Pristina revokes tarriffis.

According to Dačić several US delegations have aready been to Serbia on their road to Pristina. “As far as we are concerned, they do not have to come to Belgrade, may resolve with Pristina to abolish taxes and we are going forward”, said Dačić after the session of the Intergovermnetal Committe between Serbia and Russia, which took place in the Palace of Serbia.

The US approach towards Serbia has changed and US is no longer looking at Serbia as “a bad guy”, stated Dačić.

Nevertheless, US cannot understand how is it possible that Pristina does not want to obey and abolish the taxes.

Dačić also finds it unbelievable and suspicious but he thinks US is playing a double game. “But, some of the European countries are doing the same thing. Reaching a deal based on the principles which so far have been discussed and where they are not leading is not in their best interest”, Minister said.

According to Dačić international offcials recognised Prisitna’s fault in order to “pull everyone ears” but they take it on Belgrade for not permitting Kosovo the membership in Interpol and lobbying for withdrawal of recognition of Kosovo’s independence, claiming that Serbia in this way impedes the dialogue.

“Everyone who comes with this topic will hear an answer: Serbia will not stop until it returns the status in a number of countries that have recognised Kosovo as an independent before Brussels”, said Dačić.

“We haven not really discussed in Brussels about Kosovo being a member of the international organizations that are concerned with, but if it becomes a part of the conversation, then that is a different thing”, concluded Minister Dačić.





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