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Grenell announces he may resign ambassadorship

Ambassador Richard Grenell; Photo: Wikimedia Commons

WASHINGTON – Newly appointed acting Director of National Intelligence (DNI) Richard Grenell said he will step down as ambassador to Germany if the Senate approves another nominee US Congressman John Ratcliffe for this position, reports Daily Wire.

“Yes, it’s true. We were planning on coming home soon,” Grenell confirmed to the Daily Wire, which reported he was planning on leaving the post in the spring but had agreed to stay on until a permanent DNI could be confirmed. Grenell informed the White House of his decision after Ratcliffe was renominated last week.

Grenell is currently also acting as a Special US Presidental Envoy for Belgrade-Pristina relations and it is not clear whether his possible resignment would have any implications on his role in the Western Balkans. Grenell was appointed an acting director of national intelligence just two weeks ago. However, on the day he became acting

According to Washington Examiner, on the day he became acting DNI Grenell said that he would not be nominated to take on the job permanently. Democrats had raised concerns about Grenell being a political appointee without sufficient background in intelligence.

Congressman Ratcliffe has been regarded as one of the most conservative members of Congress. The Washington Post writes that this nomination, sent by the US President Donald Trump on Monday, revives the concerns that had arisen last year when Ratcliffe was nominated for the same position, regarding his qualifications for the position and fears that he would politicize the US intelligence apparatus.

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