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Press statement by Knut Fleckenstein and Eduard Kukan on political dialogue and cooperation in Albania

BRUSSELS, 23.12.2014. – After the visits of Mr Knut Fleckenstein (S&D) and Mr Eduard Kukan (EPP) in Albania, on 19th and 22nd of December 2014, led by efforts to encourage their Albanian political partners to re-establish cross-party political dialogue and find solution to efficient functioning of the parliament, the members of the European parliament issued the following common statement:

“We have reassured our political partners in Albania about continuous support of our political groups to the European integration process. During the last days we have demonstrated this support by willingness to engage in renewing political dialogue between ruling majority and opposition and by encouraging the opposition to put an end to the boycott of the parliament.

Albania needs sustainable and constructive political dialogue between ruling majority and opposition in order to fulfil the European ambitions of its citizens. It is a shared responsibility of the both sides to create conditions and ensure that such cross party dialogue is taking place primarily in the parliament.

We appreciate that all our political partners were able to agree on our proposal concerning the principles of cooperation in the parliament. The proposal concerned return to efficient and inclusive work of the parliament, respect and implementation of decisions of the Constitutional court and commitment to address the issue of people with criminal records running for public office.

Now we encourage the political leaders in Albania to continue and step up their efforts to finalize sustainable solution for efficient work of the parliament and confirm their agreement in form of joint parliamentary resolution. Albanian politicians need to take responsibilities for effective functioning of the democratic institutions in the country. Therefore we call once again on the opposition to resume their work in the parliament and carry on with their parliamentary duties, and on the ruling majority to uphold conditions for inclusive political dialogue within this institution.

We remain supporting further efforts to restore cross-party political dialogue and cooperation, which is essential for the EU integration process and credibility of Albania in the EU.”

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