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Osmani: Road to Brussels leads through the Ohrid Framework Agreement

Bujar Osmani; Photo: DUI

SKOPJE – The road to Brussels leads through the Ohrid Framework Agreement and the Law for languages as one of the most sensitive and most principal issues from the agreement, said the Deputy Prime Minister for European Affairs of Macedonia, Bujar Osmani in an interview for Telma.

He said that he expects the Law for languages to be on the Parliament’s agenda by the end of this month.

“After 16 years we have accomplished an inter-ethnic consensus through the parties that are representing the Macedonian and the Albanian community to find a way to adjust the different interpretation of Article 5 of the Constitution and the last open issue of the Framework Agreement to be promoted,” said Osmani.

According to the Minister, for the passing of this bill, an opinion from the Venetian Committee regarding the use of the Albanian language on the police and army uniforms and the banknotes will not be waited upon. He also said that if the Committee evaluates that these enactments are in line with the Constitution they shall be added to the law and if not, they shall be put aside.

Osmani announced that in the forthcoming days, he expects a meeting with representatives of VMRO-DPMNE during which their support for the law shall be asked.

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