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Thaçi: Unity team to be established for negotiations

Hashim Thaçi; Photo: Office of The President of Kosovo

PRISTINA – President of Kosovo, Hashim Thaçi, has announced in an editorial that he will head to Brussels on Thursday to hold a meeting with President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vučić, with the mediation of EU Representative, Frederica Mogherini.

Thaçi appealed for formation as soon as possible of the institutions, paving the way for timely harmonization of the platform. He revealed that a unity team will be established for these negotiations.

“Next year the Republic of Kosovo will mark the 10th anniversary of the Declaration of Independence. Only 20 years ago, a few citizens were confident that such a thing would be possible. However, the history and practical experience have shown that freedom can be achieved if people hold together. This was the case in Kosovo. The freedom cost the lives and blood of hundreds of martyrs and thousands of civilian victims. Kosovo, an independent and sovereign state, is today’s reality thanks to this sublime sacrifice. The freedom enabled us to come together and work for state-building, a rather complex and tough process. We all know what the key to success was. Above all, it was the political and civic unity, the close cooperation with international community, the willingness to be tolerant, pragmatic as well as the ability to reach compromises, also the main features that determined our success,” Thaçi in his editorial.

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