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Thaçi: Dialogue enters the final phase

Hashim Thaçi

NEW YORK – Dialogue on the normalization of relations is vital for Kosovo and Serbia, as well as for their European perspective, Kosovo President Hashim Thaçi told for the Albanian program of the Voice of America, and writes N1.

He once again reiterated that “Kosovo is determined to be part of NATO, the European Union (EU) and the United Nations (UN), and therefore a dialogue of vital importance for us”

He believes that the dialogue is entering the final phase and should lead to a final agreement and reconciliation between Kosovo and Serbia, which would create the possibility for Serbia to recognize the reality in Kosovo.

“That is why, at the last meeting held in the EU headquarters in New York under the leadership of Federica Mogerini, and it was confirmed that a rapid movement and a dynamic process that would end with the final agreement, which would involve the recognition of mutual realities and the secure prospects of the two countries in European integration, and for joining Kosovo in the UN, which is our goal, ” told Thaçi for Voice of America.

Asked if Kosovo could join the UN with the opposing from Serbia, Thaçi said that after reaching a final agreement and normalizing relations between Kosovo and Serbia, no one has the right, either moral or political, to veto the UN Security Council for membership Kosovo to the UN.

He concluded by saying that full normalization of relations implies mutual recognition of reality, because it is a matter of two sovereign countries that have a secure European perspective.

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