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Thomas Kleine-Brockhoff: Serbia already chose where it wants to go

Thomas Kleine-Brockoff; Photo: Photo: The German Marshall Fund’s Brussels Forum

BELGRADE – Serbia had to choose the block which it wants to be a part of, adding that it already did, by starting the accession negotiations with the EU, stated Vice President at the German Marshall Fund of the United States (GMF) Thomas Kleine-Brockhoff in his interview for BETA, reports B92.

Kleine-Brockhoff said that the EU rules do not forbid Serbia to maintain its good relations with any country outside the EU, but however, Serbia cannot “sit on two chairs”.

“Serbia had to decide which club it wants to be a part of, and it already did, by starting the accession negotiations with the EU,” explained Kleine-Brockhoff.

He pointed out that some countries of the EU, such as Germany, have good relations with Russia, adding that Serbia, by entering the EU could become involved in coordination of the foreign policy of the Union.

“The EU is not an issue right now, the problem is Russia. It violated the norms of mutual understanding by occupying part of another county,” said Kleine-Brockhoff.

Regarding the recent elections in Germany, he said that the current post-election crisis, will not have a major impact on the EU policy towards the Western Balkans.

“European processes will continue with a smaller German influence, and Germany’s role in these processes will be reduced for some time,” said Kleine-Brockhoff for BETA, reports B92.

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