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Kosovo Government sends Agreement on Demarcation to the Assembly

Kosovo Assembly; Photo: Kosovo Assembly

PRISTINA – Kosovo government has proceeded to the Assembly the Draft Law on demarcation with Montenegro, as well as the new report.

Kosovo Prime Minister Ramush Haradinaj stated that the report of the new commission on demarcation with Montenegro, is “credible” and that it was prepared by professionals.

Haradinaj emphasized that the report confirms that, according to the current Demarcation Agreement, which Pristina did not ratify, “Kosovo loses its territory,” Koha Ditore reports.

According to him, the new commission has managed to show the validity of the principle “uti possidetis juris” according to which “newly formed sovereign states should have the same borders that their preceding dependent area had before their independence” and that Kosovo has managed to preserve the locations of Kula and Žljeb.

At the same time, Kosovo President Hashim Thaçi welcomed the government’s decision to forward the Demarcation Agreement with Montenegro to Parliament for ratification, says Koha Ditore.

“I want to believe in the political and state will of the representatives elected by citizens, but at the same time I invite all Kosovo Assembly members, regardless their political affiliation, to be united in the ratification of this inter-state agreement,” Thaçi said.

“Ratification of the agreement on border demarcation between Kosovo and Montenegro brings an end to the isolation of our country, enabling lifting of visa regime but also strengthens Kosovo internationally. Today’s decision of the government ends the saga of academics debates, who by failing to bring any new argument have prolonged for three years isolation of Kosovo citizens, causing confusion and fear for the alleged danger of losing territory. It is time now for the Assembly of Kosovo to make it’s a decision in the interest of the citizens, who impatiently have been are waiting for years the removal of visas, namely the end of isolation,” Thaçi stated.

The Associated Press reports that the government statement issued on Monday said the Cabinet decided to seek ratification of the border deal in the Assembly, where it lacked sufficient support for approval earlier this year and led to a no-confidence vote for the coalition leading the country at the time.

The statement said that a report from a new government commission covering border issues will be sent to the parliament after it had found that a report of its predecessor had “many shortcomings.”

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