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Albania and N. Macedonia reach first agreement in the framework of ‘mini-Schengen’

Ministry of Agriculture of Albania; Photo: Wikimedia Commons

SKOPJE / TIRANA – In the framework of the “mini-Schengen”, Albania and North Macedonia will sign the Agreement on the Recognition of Phytosanitary Certificates, thus facilitating trade exchanges of agricultural products between the two countries, reports Albanian Daily News.

During a video conference, the ministers of agriculture of the two countries, Bledi Çuçi and Trajan Dimkovski, agreed on the final version of the agreement, which has been worked on for about 6 months since their last meeting in Tirana, the Ministry of Agriculture announced.

“Almost everything is ready now. We have the final version of the agreement on the recognition of phytosanitary certificates for each country. I am happy that we finally finalized something we had discussed six months ago,” said Minister Çuçi .

The Phytosanitary Agreement between Albania and North Macedonia brings about the mutual recognition of the institutions and laboratory instruments, evaluators of the quality of the products with export-import destination between the two countries. The signing will take place after the respective governments of the two countries will follow the relevant procedures.

According to the press office of the Ministry of Agriculture, in addition to this agreement, the joint groups of the two countries will work on two other agreements, that of cooperation in the field of veterinary medicine and food of animal origin, as well as the agreement on conservation, monitoring and management of fishing in the Prespa Lake.

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