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Picula and Bilčik express hope that the new Government of Montenegro will keep EU integration in focus

European Parliament; Photo: European Union

PODGORICA – The new government in Montenegro has a lot of work to do and negotiations with the European Union should continue, said Tonino Picula European Parliament Rapporteur for Montenegro, Vijesti reported.

“I hope that the fact that the support that the EU enjoys among Montenegrin citizens is almost 70 per cent will be respected,” Picula stated.

As Picula pointed out, a positive attitude towards EU membership is the meeting point of different, even opposing political options in Montenegro.

He assessed that it was clear that strong political polarization had motivated a large number of citizens to exercise their right to vote.

“This polarization is best seen in the almost equal results of the two leading coalitions, but also in the results of some new political options, as well as in the failures of some political options,” Picula stated.

Picula said that a lot will depend on the post-election period and the process of forming the new parliament and the new government.

He said that the support of the EU institution will depend on the realization of the quality and rhythm of the already undertaken obligations.

Picula underlined that the EU will clearly support the commitment to continue the reform processes in Montenegro, but also the commitment to the policy of regional cooperation.

Bilčik: EU strongly hopes that the new Government will keep on strategic focus Montenegro’s European future

Chair of the EU-Montenegro SAPC Vladimir Bilčik congratulated the citizens of Montenegro in a statement for turning out in large number to decide on their future and for casting their ballots in a peaceful manner.

He said that turnout to 76% of voters is historically impressive.

“We in the European Parliament have been following the pre-election cycle, the campaign and election day very closely and we will await the publication of the final, comprehensive report from OSCE/ODIHR’s election observation mission”, Bilčik told.

He estimated that yesterday citizens of Montenegro took part in one of the most important elections since the country’s independence in 2006, adding that in a tightly fought a democratic contest, the citizens have asked for political change.

“We therefore strongly hope that the new Parliament and new government will keep in strategic focus Montenegro’s European future and accelerate the corresponding reform process thereby demonstrating in political practice strong commitment to pro-European values”, he said.

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