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Picula: Montenegro is facing a unique event, a dynamic period to follow

Tonino Picula; Photo: European Union

PODGORICA – Montenegro is facing a unique event and that it was the first time that the government has been democratically changed after 30 years, said Tonino Picula, European Parlament Rapporteur for Montenegro, Vijesti reported.

Picula said a dynamic period will follow that will open up many questions.

“We will see how the new government will cope and how it will solve the problems,” Picula told.

Picula stressed that the EU will monitor the development of the situation in the judiciary extremely carefully, adding that it should be more efficient, it must not be subject to political pressure.

The EP Rapporteur for Montenegro said that a lot needs to be done in the process of media freedom, first of the steps being the protection the media and journalists.

“More attention should be paid to the legal preconditions of media independence and the protection of their property and the protection of financial security. They say that it would be best to establish a system of media self-regulation that is fully functional, and other issues that are generally known. It is one of the tests for the future parliament and government, “Picula told.

He said that what would strengthen the international community in the belief is that it is a matter of changing the government, but not the foreign policy orientation of the entire country and that the obligations undertaken by the international community will continue to be respected.

The EU is also facing a unique event. Brussels’ reactions have been restrained“, Picula concluded. 

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