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Soreca: The countries that enter the EU change completely for the better

Luigi Soreca; Photo: EU Delegation to Albania

TIRANA – All countries entering the EU change completely for the better as they have proven, Albania has no other way but integration in the European Union as it has been chosen by 93% of Albanians, said Luigi Soreca EU Ambassador to Albania, Radio Tirana International (RTI) reported.

According to Soreca, the first step is the opening of negotiations and this, according to him, comes only with political will and the change no longer comes by improvisation.

“Everyone should invest in political dialogue, in integration. If there is one element, we know that parties unite is integration, as 93% of Albanians want European integration. The accession process will require more technical capacity in society for dialogue. Europe will be closer if negotiations start, two things are key, political will, a competition of ideas and finding solutions. Albanian citizens want solutions”, he said.

He added that change cannot come by improvisation.

“Remember that it is basically changing the lives of Albanians for the better, every country that has joined the EU has tried it. It will change this place completely. There is no other way for Albania. Albania has put all its efforts into this,” Soreca concluded.

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