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Borrell: Political and financial measures against Kosovo and Serbia if no progress is seen

Josep Borrell; Photo: Wikimedia Commons

BRUSSELS – The EU High Representative for Foreign and Security Policy Josep Borrell has said that the member states of the European Union are ready to take further measures against Kosovo and Serbia if no progress is seen in the de-escalation of the situation. Borrell said that the member states’ measures will be political and financial.

According to him, the last meeting held in Brussels was without immediate results.

“The member states have underlined the concern about the ongoing tensions in the north of Kosovo and I have pointed out the importance of the parties to escalate the situation, and to be in accordance with the declaration of the member states made on June 3. We welcome the release of the three Kosovo policemen who were held in Belgrade. The member states will take measures, if necessary, to increase the leverage of the EU and to support the dialogue for normalization”, said Borrell at the press conference, after the meeting with the foreign ministers of the EU member states.

Borrell has insisted that new elections should be held in the four northern municipalities of Kosovo, but on the condition that Kosovo Serbs participate in the elections.

“Both parties must show readiness to implement the obligations from the dialogue. Member States are ready to take further measures if no progress is seen. It has been said that we expect European behavior from countries that aspire to be part of the EU. In the following days, we will continue contact with both parties. But the member states are ready to be active and support us in our work”, said Borrell.

“We can consider political measures to limit political contacts, as well as financial measures. They must be measures, I told the member states, that the measures must be proportional and reversible”, said Borrell.

He added that the immediate step is to hold elections in the four municipalities in the north of Kosovo.

“We have agreed that we cannot have presidents in office permanently protected by NATO forces, a president with three percent of the votes. It is not a sustainable choice. They must be replaced through elections, new elections. Both sides have agreed on this, but the participation of the Serbs is necessary, otherwise we will have the same situation”, said Borrell.

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