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EU and USA condemn Dodik’s announced ban of entry for Schmidt into RS

Photo: X / @MiloradDodik

SARAJEVO – Republika Srpska entity President Milorad Dodik’s announcement of a decree preventing High Representative Christian Schmidt from entering the entity is yet another provocation that undermines the constitutional framework of Bosnia and Herzegovina, stated EU Delegation in BiH on Friday.

They added on X (formerly Twitter) that it is neither legally founded nor enforceable. “The EU supports the mission of the High Representative and his Office”, the Delegation noted.

“At a time in which the state-level coalition is pursuing its efforts in adopting legislation that is relevant for progress on the EU path, it is deplorable that the President of Republika Srpska is once again focused on divisive, inflammatory, and destabilizing actions instead of reforms that deliver real benefits for citizens”, EU Delegation stated.

On Wednesday Milorad Dodik said that Christian Schmidt will not be able to enter that entity starting next week and that he will be arrested if he steps on the RS territory. He added that a decree banning the entry of a High Representative into the RS is being prepared, and the police stations will have the task of “organizing units and expelling him” in case he enters.

On Thursday, Dodik’s threats were also condemned by the USA Embassy in Sarajevo.

“Milorda Dodik’s threat to prevent the High Representative from entering the Republika Srpska entity and to limit his freedom of movement is unconstitutional. This represents yet another deliberate attack by Dodik on the Dayton Peace Agreement, BiH’s constitutional order, and the state of BiH”, the Embassy wrote on X.


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