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Mandić: EU ambassadors have no understanding for the boycott

European flags in front of EP Building in Strasbourg; Photo: European Union

PODGORICA – The EU delegation in Podgorica continued talks with representatives of the opposition today, and the leader of the Nova and the opposition Democratic Front Andrija Mandić told after the meeting for the TVCG that EU ambassadors have no understanding of the opposition boycott of the parliament.

The parliamentary opposition does not take part in the work of the Montenegrin parliament since the extraordinary parliamentary elections held on October 16 last year.

They do not accept the election result because the authorities announced on that day the alleged coup attempt. The Democratic Front (DF) is currently an absolute priority to find a common language with the opposition, whose response to the offered platform will be waited until October 1, Mandić said.

“By October 1, we will wait for the opposition’s response to the offer to come together to protest and to establish a joint candidate for the presidential elections and a joint list for local elections,” said Mandić, and RTCG reported.

He pointed out that if the opposition had one candidate, a list and protests would be decided by early parliamentary elections. He added that after the opposition’s response, DF would make a decision that would be the best for voters.

Mandić reiterated that EU ambassadors have no understanding of the boycott and say that MPs should be in parliament. Asked whether the DF was ready for dialogue with the ruling coalition, Mandić stressed that the unity of the opposition was their priority.

The boycott of parliament is not the ideal solution, but in these circumstances, it is only one, stressed the leader of the Socialist People’s Party Vladimir Joković. After a meeting in the EU Delegation in Podgorica, he said that it was the government and the Prime minister to initiate talks.

“I do not see why we would not open a dialogue to finally organize fair elections,” Joković said, adding that talks could start in October. The conversation in the EU office came on behalf of DF Andrija Mandić, Milan Knežević, Branko Radulović and Janko Vučinić.

Yesterday, the meeting was held with the leaders of the SDP and Democrats, Ranko Krivokapić and Aleksa Bečić. SDP president Ranko Krivokapić expects from the Prime Minister Duško Marković to start talks with the opposition on holding early elections, as soon as possible. After meeting with the EU Delegation in Podgorica, Krivokapić said that the beginning of the dialogue is expected in October.

On the other side, for the leader of the Democrats Aleksa Bečić states that the dialogue is not a solution and demands the fulfillment of earlier conditions, and after that a discussion on extraordinary elections. Bečić told for the RTCG that the party will not stop with the boycott of the parliament.

According to the RTCG, on Friday the opposition will have a meeting in the US Embassy, with one of the closest associates of Assistant US Deputy Secretary of State for Europe and Asia, Hoyte Brian Yee.

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