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Thimonier: Macedonia’s recommendation for EU might be questionable

Macedonian Parliament; Photo: WikiCommons/Stefan Didam

SKOPJE – French Ambassador to Macedonia Christian Thimonier said for SDK.mk that the unconditional recommendation to start EU membership negotiations can be problematic, because the Law on the Use of Languages in the Parliament was adopted yesterday without a minimum of consensus and without a civilized discussion.

“Yesterday it was a disappointing day because we saw events that we thought we had already turned our backs on, that there was not a minimum of consensus on a procedure for adopting a law and there was no civilized discussion of topics of interest for the citizens,” said Thimonier.

He also added that it was not his business to judge, but the sight was unpleasant.

“What we saw was nothing but a glimpse of what a parliament of European state should not be. When the time comes for the EU member states to express their position regarding the recommendation for negotiations, the question will be raised whether the Priebe agenda will be adopted quickly and the issue of respecting the Copenhagen criteria will be opened formally,” he said for SDK.mk, adding that the EU can integrate only functional democracies.

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