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Tripoint border protocol signed between Serbia, Montenegro and BiH

Signing of the border protocol; Photo: Ministry of Internal Affairs in Bosnia and Herzegovina

SARAJEVO –  The protocol about the positioning of the tripoint border between Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and Serbia was signed today in Sarajevo by the Minister of Civil Affairs of Bosnia and Herzegovina Adil Osmanović, State Secretary in the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Montenegro Dragan Pejanović and the Secretary-General of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Serbia Veljko Odalović.

The signatories described the protocol as a pledge for current and future generations – to freely move according to international law.

Minister Osmanović said that the signing of the protocol is in favor of strengthening cooperation and respect for the three countries.

“Signing of the protocol is a pledge for the future generations of all signatory countries. Citizens can move freely now, in the line with international law, appreciating peace as a top achievement”, Osmanović said, and added that the protocol was also signed for the sake of the EU membership.

He said that all Balkan countries, who wish for membership, must commit themselves to overcome the legacy of the past, achieve reconciliation and resolve open issues, especially border disputes.

“I am convinced that this protocol, whose conclusion is a logical consequence, will soon be implemented and contribute to strengthening the friendly relations,” concluded Osmanović.

Montenegrin state secretary Pejanović also expressed his satisfaction with the signing of the protocol.

“This is a confirmation of good neighborly relations. We are sending another good message, that the countries of the Western Balkans can independently solve these dilemmas, with their own capacities”, said Pejanović

Pejanović says that the EU will not allow bilateral disputes and that this protocol will contribute to stabilization, respect for territorial sovereignty and integrity.

“I believe that the signing of today’s protocol will encourage for further solving of other disputes and strengthen our fraternal, good-neighborly relations and cooperation,” said Pejanović.

Veljko Odalović said that Serbia placed a priority on resolving regional issues.

“We recognized that all issues require a similar approach in order to resolve them. With these acts, we will create the precondition for more quality, common cooperation. Things must be seen in the context of common problem solving”, Odalović said, adding that everyone is on the winning side.

The tripoint is located at a place called Zelena Glava, between Pljevlja, Priboj, and Čajniče. The forms and dimensions were agreed by the experts of all three signatories of the protocol.

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