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VoA: Macedonia the target of Russian propaganda campaign

Moscow; Photo: Tanjug/AP Photo/Alexander Zemlianichenko

SKOPJE – For Russian political strategists, Macedonia became a solid place for spreading their ideological views, reports Voice of America.

According to Macedonian service of VoA, the key strategist in the Russian information war in Macedonia is Leonid Savin, a former member of the right-wing party „United Macedonia“, which is a party that is against changing the name of Macedonia and against Macedonian accession to the EU or NATO.

According to his biography, Savin is “the commissar of the Eurasian Youth Union” – which is a wing of the Russian ultra-nationalist Eurasian Union, the movement created by Alexander Dugin and his ideological associates.

Savin is often linked with Kremlin as one of the creators of its expansionist policy.

He is also cited as editor-in-chief of two agencies: Katehon and Geopolitics. “Katehon is a website founded and financed by Russian multi-millionaire Constantin Malofeyev who is under US sanctions and has certain connections with the Russian president Vladimir Putin”, notes VoA.

“Malofeyev, Dugin and others also participated in the coup attempt in Montenegro in 2016, but also in several other secret Russian operations in the Balkans” – reports VoA.

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