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Soreca: Electoral reform is of great importance in Albania

Luigi Soreca; Photo: EU Delegation to Albania

TIRANA – I hope that Albania will finish the last segment of electoral reform in order for the European Commission to make a decision on the intergovernmental conference probably at the end of this year, said the EU Ambassador to Albania Luigi Soreca, Radio Tirana International reports.

Commenting on the political developments in Albania, Soreca expressed regret for the lack of consensus on electoral reform.

“We have been talking to Albania for years and the EU is talking to Albania. The decision taken in March for the negotiations was taken at a difficult time. Many conditions have been met and Albania is very close to meeting all of them. I welcomed the decision of the President and the Parliament to announce two vacant seats for the Constitutional Court”, said Soreca.

He added that the HJC must make the assessment and that this is a condition that must be met in the coming weeks in order for the first intergovernmental conference to be scheduled.

“The June 5 agreement is an important step. You know the EU’s stance on electoral reform. We worked on the agreement and the condition for the election administration was met. We have expressed regret that the majority continues to work without consensus and it is important to find consensus between the parties. They must work hard for the elections to be free and fair,” Soreca said.

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