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Žbogar: Elections and debates are long gone and now it is time for government to be formed

Samuel Žbogar; Photo: Tanjug / Oksana Toskić
meta_maliNEGOTINO – It is time for the country to go forward, for the state institutions to be formed, a president of the Parliament to be elected and a government to be formed, said the Euro Ambassador Samuel Žbogar during his visit to Negotino. He also said that the time of the elections and the post-electoral discussions are long gone, Meta reports.
According to Žbogar, everyone in the country will have to learn their lesson and to be united towards one goal.
-It is now time for the government and the opposition, including all the people in your country, to start listening to each other in order to be united. That is very important for the future of your country and the process of euro-integration, for which we are all interested to continue – said Žbogar, answering to a media question about the situation in Macedonia.
The Euro Ambassador was promoting in Negotino the “EU for You” project and also had a meeting with the mayor Vančo Apostolov.

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